Monday, February 21, 2011

And Again.

To stand on edge of dark abyss
and all 'round flickers the mellow cliff
And, though dimly, light is here,
we fight to grasp and seek our fears.

To trust in those who've jumped before
who read of those still older doors,
and understand that burning light
is not in dusk, but under night.

To now complete our promised death
and bear our burden and fully fall
only then will breath be breath
and we will rise to claim it all.

For in the Dimholt, under mountain
In the pass where death is promised,
where no glimmer is ever seen
there we claim what we were meant to be.

Wait no longer for 'more to come'
hoping for ease when ease is done
but ride in faith at break of sun
for life is always worth dying for.

That Love is now, of all things self-centered
Grandest and most perfect made.
For Love we bring all to ourself
and then in Father's arms are laid.

That Christ, for sins still uncommitted
Died and bled and suffered pain.
More than all his life, he wanted
to have your heart with his again.

Suffer not more than now you must
but simply ask for what is true.
No longer look where peace was gone,
and know the whole world fasts for you.

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