Thursday, March 17, 2011

It is not that I am afraid (though I am)
but that I have learned long to hold this sham
before my eyes, pretending love is alive.
Pretending reality is real, without a try.

I have learned to believe in many lies:
That God is greater.
That God is loving.
That God is patient.
That God suffered.
That God is passionate.
That God embraces.
That God trusts.
That God is present.
That God is real.
That God is alive.
That God is good.

I have learned to believe in many lies.
I have learned to know that I know nothing.

These cannot be God.  I create them here
in my small mind, made by Him unseen.
I create this 'love', this 'suffering', this 'life',
this 'good', and all this seems obscene.

To assign to God names which cannot approach Him,
Titles we think Him to approach.
To limit Him as limitless, and make our God without reproach.

To assign Him names of His own creation.
To pretend we understand His intimations
while denying the names He most directly taught.
His one great name, whom Israel sought,
the great I AM, then the Son of Man.
Who has right to assign him tasks?
Who can know when all can ask?

If God is Good, we need not make him so.
For His Goodness will prove to be greater.
His Goodness will be himself. No good
which we place upon him.  No words
which we place in his mouth.  He is not alive,
but is greater.  He created life, made death,
and is bigger than either.  He will prove to Love.
He will prove to speak to us.  We will prove to be
invincible, with his sword before us, if only we allow
His heart to be His own, and take charge of ours.

Our idolatry of goodness is so lacking in the end,
When we place upon the Lord a role as mentor or as friend.
When we play his part speak his lines.
It is no far step from total pride,
to think I know God better than God himself.
So let us allow his arm to move.
And let us pray to behold the Love
Which he has promised those who remain in him
Which he has given those who've given in.

Let us have faith that is to say
that God is- - even if I were not.
Let us have faith that is to say
that I have nothing if God is not.
Let us have faith that is to say
that if God is dead, then I am so.
Let us have faith that is to say
that Jesus is more than we can know.

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