Monday, July 18, 2011


Rocks all breaking metered sky,
cold and strong and still.
Stories told of quest and love,
thirst and pain and will.

Blundering and bruised and tired,
the leaders of the flock.
Suffer, suffer, laws be given
when suffering will talk.

Clouds and storms and lonely men.
Climbing in the dark.
Laws be given by bloody hands.
Moses, then the cross.


  1. Mm. This sounds like backpacking (or Exodus?) as a metaphor for life :) which just so happens to be something I love to write about! If you're interested, you can search through my archives for a post titled "The Summit". I'd give you the link but I'm too lazy...

    In any case, this is beautiful. And I think that you, Marc and I (and whoever else wants to come) should for sure do some serious backpacking when I get to Steubie so as to be properly immersed in the glory and might of the Lord. We can pretend to be Moses, Aaron, and Miriam, rejoicing before the Lord with reckless abandon over the seas that He has split for each of us. And we should find a priest to come with us so we can have Mass outside, JP II style. Yes?