Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Calm, The Calm there in your Palms.

And I had another dream today
That I was a stranger come to say
I love you.
And when you said "why?"
I said "I like your eyes.
They're just black and deep deep blue,
but they see light."

I commented upon your dress
and how the pretty flower press
would bounce just like your auburn hair
and when you spin float in the air
and how you look when I made you smile.
And then we sat there for a while.

You took my hand, do you understand
what it means that I'm a man
who gives and takes and celebrates
what he never ever could have created.
And we sat in contemplation of the fact that we related.

And we danced and spun
and had our fun
and then went back to our respective homes.

Then I awoke.

And the next day when I looked there,
you were gone and it was quite unfair
that I had learnt to love a dream,
had shared a sad solemnity
with someone who I'd never chance to meet.
Someone with such graceful, happy feet.
Such happy feet.

But then I found you yet again
and learnt through you to love a friend
who doesn't quite look just the same
but has your smile and feels your shame
Not auburn hair but tarnished gold
just like her soul.
But she won't see it 'til she's old.

She shies from love but looks for hugs
and finds hope in the strangest drugs
like smiles and nods and dancing free
just dancing free.
Just dance with me and you will see
That all of our reality
is nothing but the modesty
of something so much greater than the trees.
Oh, if you please.
Thank you, please.
Songs of birds and buzzings of the bees
I wish that I could take you to the seas
and melt away your insecurities.
Sorry to tease.
I'll say with ease.
That your hand is better than any memories.
I love you just even more than I did in my sleep.
And you're truer than any of my dreams.

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