Monday, November 22, 2010


O, Lady, will you dance with me
As I whisper sweet nothings of eternity?
Beloved, beloved, a dance so free--
No more perfect dance than ours would be.

O, Lady, I'll lead every step
If you but follow rhythmic lead.
I'll show you every move we make
before we still proceed.

O, Lady, don't say you know the way;
this is no well-played song.
I am the stone and architect,
Each piece where it belongs.

Oh, Lady, no! And how can you say that I don't long for you?
Don't turn away thinking you're not enough for me!
This is your home, your promised hope, Oh, to bear that you can't see
your eyes like doves,
your breath like wine.
Your words like honey,
Flowing in time.

O, Lady, O, Lady, let your joy still rise.
You've ravished my heart, my sister, my bride,
You've ravished my heart with one glance of your eyes.
O, Lady, O, Lady, do you hear me cry?

This moment is true, more than all others.
I stand here before you--like nowhere else.
This is me, this is me.
My self given--to you.

O, Lady, will you dance with me?
This, here, is faith, what it means to believe.
This one great song, wrought by perfect decree.
This is me, my Lady. I beg you to receive.

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