Saturday, November 20, 2010

On the way to the Office

A man approached me in the street with an intriguing preposition.
So I stopped--I felt obliged by his lack of inhibitions.
"Among," he said, and wandered off--Went off to beg for dimes.
I shook my head, went on my way, stepping off in double time.

The music in my headphones stayed the same though the world blurred as I sped.
I tried to hear the rhythm past the thumping in my head.
Perception seems to grasp my mind, my sight affects my ears.
I hold that there are greater things than those I see or hear.

I wonder if it means a thing, to hear a poor man's rambling,
Every choice I choose to make exemplifies my gambling.
I must confess, I do enjoy that word which he proposed.
I'm far from assuming sanity--in fact, I am opposed.
It takes faith to take advice, to accept another's comments.
Though so few men do try belief in men with so few prospects.

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