Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Feel

Like a satellite.
Like a sleet-ragged vagrant.
Like a shepherd whose sheep have been taken.
Fed by another who has no real food.

Like a child, forced to remain.
As larger children define my domain.
Like a fish, whose dish was broken.
And they think that little fake castles and pirates will make it ok.

Like an ostrich.
They think that flying is better. Somehow.
They spend all day explaining aerodynamics and the history of winged birds.
But does it matter?
The hawks think so. Just so, the crows.
While they eat their children.

Taught to believe that I deserve not to believe.
Forced to love
As if I knew how.

Can I really live despising all who say they have life?
Can we really continue to discredit those who we're taxed to benefit?
Can you tell me that I'm wrong simply because you've never seen a reason that I'm right?

Like an elephant taught not to be grey.
Taught that long noses are unattractive.
You'd be happier with my appearance if I were not myself?
Maslow would disagree.
But then, living forever is hardly a means of survival.

How do we still punish murder
when men and women are handing each other over to death
in the dark
And calling it Love?

And for the Love of the precious Lord, our savior, an infant, why are you still killing babies?
Our Lady of Expectancy, help us.

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