Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hey guys.  Thanks for reading, letting me share things.  It's pretty great.

And bonus!  You'll notice, in the last post, the appearance of a new author!  Michael, you might say a patron of mine--he sees past the prose to the poetry of the things themselves.  Take it as you will, but you'll want to hear what he's got to say. What he wrote there is, I guess, a sort of fiction, a start of a short series.  Stories, situations, humanity, if there is any rhyme inherently more poetic than that, I surely will be surprised.

And if you're new here, thinking whether you want to keep reading, try some of the stuff I wrote in different periods.  I definitely go through phases in style and content.
Try some of the first poems for very hard-set metaphors.
The past week's poems have been far more emotionally driven and reflective.

And if you have any thoughts, reflections, connections, by all means, comment!  Every one of these poems is about myself in that I-no one else- am the one writing it.  And I write about humanity, either mine, or that of other which I experience through sympathy.  I would love to hear anything you have to share.

And if you like it, or know anyone who would, share it, by all means!  Truth is a gift that keeps on giving!

I hope you enjoy,
that something I do might lead you closer to Christ, even if simply through a greater love for humanity.
I pray for you, and Michael the same.

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