Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sharing is Caring?

I've spent time and prayer and pain
trying, oh, to understand;
To make and form myself a man.
And I want to share these joyous chains.

I don't want to be the type of friend
with whom the smiling never ends
and with whom parties become trends
because life is not without its cries
I know you do, and so do I.
A friendly face needs be without lies.

I want not to share only my joys
in festivals and wine, and noise,
but also joys which grow in pain
dying first, then ris'n again.
If you or I are called to cry,
then I would have it you and me.
There are purposed times for tears
and I'd be honored to weep with thee.

And I ask you not to see me rude
when I object and seem a prude
or when I shy away from sin
and hush up quick amidst disordered grins.

I ask thee now, to be my friend
and know, in that, that heav'n's our end.
And take me in all sobriety
and, of course, in all gaiety.

All loves are sorts of weddings
with pain and fears and mendings..
And feast and passion are joy enough
But shared as well are chains all rough.


  1. Candid. This strikes home! Not half-bad rhyming, either.

  2. @Sean

    I find really being 'set apart' doesn't leave one with a great quantity of full friendships, and I find it hard to face other people's reluctance to be serious. But you, being at a Catholic College, might find something different than me at my public High School. But I don't know.