Friday, December 10, 2010

There's something real out there.

See the beautiful words in beautiful lines,
see beautiful places with beautiful skies,
All these beautiful things filling my mind.
Come and spend the greater times.

I see your broken face.
convinced of your place.
It's humility, they say,
not to question your fate.
Be who you are, they say
Nothing less shall we tolerate;
Here's the free-est set of laws
you will ever come across.
And I see your broken eyes
as you look on in surprise
but no, after all your tries
Greater things can't come now.

I need someone to betray this to
that what is set up here is not it all
that this education is not even a clue
of what is going to fall.
I need someone to relay this to
that you're more than you have bargained for
but that you've been promised greater things
if you but live a happy life.

Come with me, or without me, better still
And see you've been living on the windowsill.

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